Safety and Care Instructions

ImportantThe dimensions and yarn used for North Slings carriers are suitable for babywearing. However, the weaver/North Slings Handwoven does not take any responsibility, under any circumstances, for using the carrier wrong/irresponsible or failing to maintain it. The weaver recommend asking a babywearing consultant for proper use. 

On a regular basis – check the carrier for broken threads, pulls, threadshifting and other damage to the fabric. For RS and sewn carrier you must also check the seams. If the carrier develops major thread shifts, broken threads, holes or other damage to the fabric – do not use the carrier for babywearing

The term carrier includes handwoven wraps, ring slings and carriers.


Warning: Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction can result in death or serious injury. Only use this carrier with children weighing between 8 and 35 pounds/ 3,6 and 15,8 kg.

• Babies can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tightly against your body or carrier. Babies at greatest risk of suffocation include those born prematurely and those with respiratory problems.

• Check often to make sure the baby’s face is uncovered, clearly visible, and away from the caregiver’s body at all times.

• Make sure the baby does not curl into position with the chin resting on or near the baby’s chest. This positison can interfere with breathing, Even when nothing is covering nose or mouth. Never use the carrier with the baby in nursing position or cradle position.

• Always secure the carrier with a double knot.

• Make sure that the baby’s neck is supported.

• Keep an eye on your baby’s face at all times while using a carrier.

• Store the carrier away from children.

• Leaning, bending over, or tripping can cause baby to fall. Keep one hand on baby while moving.

• Always keep the baby secured with your hands while wrapping.

• The baby’s body should be in a C-curve while wrapped, and the baby’s legs should be in a M-position. If you’re not familiar with these terms you should seek advice from a babywearing consultant before you start wrapping babies.

• Never carry your baby in the carrier on anything else than solid ground

• Do not use the carrier outside when the ground is slippery.


• Hand wash in cold water with mild, liquid detergent.

• Wash separately and do not leave it soaking.

• Do not bleach or use optical brighteners.

• Lay flat to dry, no tumble drier.

• Low iron, no steam.

• Keep sharp objects away from the carrier.

• Store the carrier away from children.

• Do not store the wrap in direct sunlight

• Carriers are made of luxurious and delicate fibres and they will eventually become worn with use. If the fabric or seams of the carrier feels worn or damaged don’t use it for baby wearing.