From natty yarn to finished wrap

Weaving is so much more than tossing the shuttle to create fabric. I wanted to showcase the process from natty yarn to finished wrap in photographs.

This is not a “how to” post and there are also different ways you can do some of the steps and in a different order etc, but this is how I created the latest wrap – North Slings 18 De Schat.

Step 1: Make one or multiple warp chains.

Step 2: Scour and prepare the yarn.

Natty yarn can be quite dirty from the spinning process.

Step 3: find somewhere to dye and mix the dyes.

Step 4: dye the warp.

Step 5: Leave the warp to batch.

Step 6: Rinse the warp.

Step 7: Hang the warp to dry.

Warp dyed and ready:

Step 8: Prepare the warp for the loom.

Step 9: Dress the loom.

Step 10: Thread the heddles:

Step 11: Sley the reed.

Step 12: Tie the warp onto the front apron road .

Step 13: Connect the shafts to the treadles in correct pattern.

Step 14: Test the pattern with high contrast yarn and look for threading mistakes.

Step 15: Prepare and scour the weft yarn.

Step 16: Dye the weft.

Step 17: Rinse and dry the weft.

Step 18: Wind the weft onto pirns.

Step 19: Finally – weaving!

Step 20: Twist fringes or hem the ends:

Step 21: Wet finish and dry the wrap (forgot to take a photo of this 😅)

Step 22: Make middle markers.

Voila – wrap finished 💙

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